Unearthly Synthesis

Exhibition Poster

un.earth.ly – unnatural or mysterious, esp. in a disturbing way: unearthly quiet

syn.the.sis – combination or composition, in particular the combination of ideas to form a theory or system: the synthesis of intellect and emotion in his work

Unearthly Synthesis brings together the work of 15 artists at Asylum, a bombed in chapel-turned-art space in Peckham. Space exploration meets the human body turned inside out with works that are dark and precarious along-side sculptures of comfort and ethereal beauty. Bringing together a wide variety of media, the exhibition acts as a gateway into the uncanny valley, a dip where reality meets the un-real.

Dystopia and utopia is simultaneously created and re-invented and references are made to multiple paradisiac visions, each existing in tandem and reaching out to one another. The artists in the exhibition work with a variety of media and subjects, ranging from “archaic visions of humanity” to “mechanical instruments whose bodies are inextricably entwined”. Lines and links are constantly made in this show between works, between artists and discordant themes. A synthesis takes place, an awakening.

Badr Ali | Isabelle Andaraskis | Henri Charreau | Rebecca Cove  & Korallia Stergides | Melinda Lauw | Hana Lee | Xiao Lin | Yan Lu | Marika Samek | Siobhan Phillips | Alexis Sera | Leonie Tayler | Emma Vidal | James White

Private View
28 May 2014
6 – 9pm

29 May // 10am – 9pm
30 May // 10am – 5pm

Asylum Gallery
Caroline Garden’s Chapel, Asylum Road
London SE15 2SQ

Google Map of gallery: http://goo.gl/ZVT21p

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